art of protest

twelve years

toilet based creativity
Stainless steel toilet mounted on a base of recycled aluminium printing plates. Both the plates and the toilet have been etched, sprayed and inked and mounted on a wooden frame. 

gut art

emotional response
Unlike my previous project STINKING RICH: The Cost of Wealth which was based on data and research, Twelve Years is a gut reaction to the present political climate.

Pan Vision

twelve year text:

Within the toilet pan I have etched some of the following text:

Twelve years, teeth like rocks in the sand.
Twelve years, academies on the scrounge.
Twelve years, carers only ones that care.
Twelve years, newcomers sunk in the sea.
Twelve years, too pompous for the common market.
Twelve years, objectors being whipped and jeered.
Twelve years, gas and oil coming out our ears. Twelve years, lying is now the new rage.
Twelve years, entitlement has become the right. 
Twelve years, rishillionaires twatting the poor.
Twelve years, Johnson jacking off in the corner.

lavatory sale
Twelve Years is available for purchase or hire, please enquire by email..